When you're on the road, visibility is crucial. That's why our team at Goeckner Bros Inc is so delighted to bring the Dodge Durango to our customers in Effingham, IL. With its unique exterior design, this popular mid-size SUV helps you stay safe in all lighting conditions.

Have you ever forgotten to turn your high beams on or off? The Durango's automatic high beams can help. They use sensors to determine when it's safe to switch to a brighter light; that way, you can see farther without compromising visibility for other drivers.

During the day, the Durango's available LED running lights come into play. Bright and strong, they make it easier for pedestrians and other drivers to see you coming, even when there's fog or haze. See how clear they are when you come to our dealership to go for a test drive in the Dodge Durango today.

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